Everything you need to know about traveling alone

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Have you ever taken a solo trip in your life? For those who have already lived this experience, you know that it is a true lesson, which provides enormous self-knowledge, not to mention maturity for a number of things. I can say that I learn a lot in each of my destinations and I recommend that everyone live this journey at least once in their lives. And if you’re thinking of going all out for this challenge, you’ll enjoy reading what’s next: I’ve gathered in this post everything you need to know about traveling alone.

Are you excited for this experience? By the end of this reading, this excitement will be even greater!

Stay here with us and have a great read!

What are the great benefits of traveling alone?

First of all, I want to talk to you about some of the benefits of traveling alone.

I’ve said a few times around here that my great mission with this project is to have the opportunity to get to know the culture of different places through cuisine.

But when we travel with other people, it is inevitable that the interaction, the experience and the depth of connection with the local population is infinitely less.

Solo travel provokes in us the need to talk more with different people, to explore more the beauty and universe of the destination and develop a sense of responsibility.

If something happens during this experience, it’s up to you to act. And trust me: this will be very good for your future and for you to reach your big life goals.

But if your question is how to make this a positive experience, don’t worry! Just put the following tips into practice, and the chance of giving up will be very small.

Research your destination very well

To start this journey, the first tip I want to share with you is to research everything about your destination in advance.

I’m talking about language, dangerous places, city curiosities and environments you should stay away from.

Join discussion groups about the place, chat with locals and be armed with information before embarking on this adventure.

Couchsurfing is a great option for this.

Choose your accommodation carefully when traveling alone

We’ve talked a few times here about accommodation, hotels and Airbnb. But I decided to return to this subject, because when traveling alone, it is crucial.

In general, what I recommend to you is that:

  • Choose your accommodation in a strategic location that makes your life easier during this experience
  • Make sure it has everything you need, such as internet access, security to rest and minimal comfort
  • If you enjoy being together with other people, a shared Airbnb, as well as Hostels, can be economical and fun options. But, this must be done thoughtfully, to ensure that you are safe while traveling.

Important points for your diet

If you already follow me here, you know very well that today I really enjoy exploring local cuisine and that this is part of my mission.

But that wasn’t always possible, and in my first experiences traveling, I had to cook almost all the time or live off very cheap dishes.

In other words… I learned a lot living through it all, and I can share with you some important tips. The first is that in tourist places the dishes are much more expensive, and they may take up a good part of your budget.

So, prefer reliable locations, but in more economical areas. Also, don’t be shy about asking to pack your leftover food: it can be your ‘tomorrow’ lunch and you’ll save money.

Oh! Also, don’t be shy about asking local people for tips like those who work at the hostel, the newsstand or even the Airbnb owner, if that’s your accommodation option.

For sure they will know some good, regional and cheap places.

Finally, I can say that balance is everything: take turns between some economic meals and those full of experiences and experiences.

All of this will allow your trip to be a great life story for you to tell in the future.

Invest in your safety when traveling alone

In order for you to stay safe during your trip, I’m going to share some important things.

  • The first is that the ideal is that you take as little luggage as possible. In addition to facilitating your logistics, if you only have hand luggage (in the case of air travel), you are away from the chances of loss.
  • Also, bring more money than is apparently necessary. If something gets out of hand and you have some kind of trouble, you won’t be in trouble for lack of money.
  • One more important point: leave with someone from your family or a very close friend the contacts of where you will be installed. This could be important.
  • Carry more than one document that proves your identity, to avoid further complications in case of theft.
  • If you go to another country, pay special attention to travel insurance

Finally, with all that I told you about traveling alone, my final tip is: explore your destination as much as you can. Live this experience to the best way possible and return home transformed!

Trust me: traveling alone is addictive, and you’ll want to do it again.

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