Farofa expedition

One of Brazil’s most traditional and original parts from many different dishes is the theme of my new journey along the coast of our wonderful Brazil: Farofa Expedition.

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First things first, what is farofa? Farofa is a toasted cassava or corn flour, it receives many other ingredients that change according to the state you are in, it is a big and delicious mixture.

Farofa is very popular and loved by almost everyone. An ingredient that sustains while bringing unique flavor.

It is very versatile, being good with the most diverse ingredients: bacon, sausage, corn, eggs, onions, etc. Creativity is the limit.

Farofa was created by the original residents of Brazil, even before colonization.

It is also synonymous with partying, enjoying, not caring too much about others and enjoying the moment with the term: “what a farofada” for those who make farofa anywhere, in an improvised way.

typical uruguayan food

In addition to all this, the texture resembles sand, which is my only itinerary on this part of the trip: the coast of Brazil at first.

Who am I? Rodrigo Schmiegelow – learn more here

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Rodrigo Schmiegelow, an advertiser specializing in Digital Marketing, today I live as a Digital Nomad (what is it), in other words, that I have geographic freedom and can work from anywhere in the world.

I started a trip around the world to get to know places, cultures and regional cuisines and I will bring great surprises from these experiences.Follow the O Mundo em Lanches Project (The world in sandwiches) blog on Instagram.

That’s why my journey through Brazil took this name: Farofa Expedition.

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The Farofa Expedition has begun!

In January I went to Florianópolis where I tried:

  • Grated Oysters
  • Crab muffin

In addition to popular foods elsewhere with a regional touch such as a beautiful pizza.

glazed oyster

In Ilhabela I ate a lot of seafood and the best crab shell I’ve ever tried.

A stop in Parati to eat the fish with bananas and rest a little after a long and warm motorcycle trip.

The Farofa Expedition continued in Rio de Janeiro, where I tried:

> Filet Mignon sandwich with duck liver pâté

> Seafood with Vinaigrette

> Hot dog with quail egg

In the wonderful Arraial do Cabo I ate a lot of squid and octopus, all prepared in a regional way.

Then I was in Búzios where I ate the delicious crepe, very famous in the region, it is also not a regional dish but with unique combinations made there.

Even before the Farofa Expedition I spent some time in Gramado and Canela eating barbecue from Rio Grande do sulk (gaúcho), cuca (traditional banana cake) and some adapted German candies.

tour in maranhão

In Pomerode the delicious Pork Knee and Meatloaf.

In Paraná, the Jaguar Meat.

I’ve been to the North and Northeast as well, but I’ll officially return with this new project and share my experiences.

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Now I’m in Vitória, Espírito Santo.

How do I conciliate working and traveling?

Today I am a Digital Nomad with my company caranaue in the area of ​​Digital Marketing.

I can work for my clients from wherever I am.

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