Historic cities of Minas Gerais , Barbacena and the rural area

historic cities of Minas Gerais , Barbacena and the rural area, incredible experiences in a few days.

My plans to visit the historic cities of Minas changed a little when a friend put me in touch with a friend of hers from Barbacena.

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I was going on a quiet journey when I had an opportunity

On my second or third day on the road through Minas Gerais, Cathy (an American friend who lived in Brazil for 2 years) introduced me to Cláudio, a friend of hers that I had already met on a trip to Rio de Janeiro a few years ago.

He offered me an air mattress in his room in Barbacena, a city that is close to some historic cities in Minas.

How was the route to Barbacena

Then I leave Capitólio (know how it was) for a long day on the road to Barbacena.

Fast visit to São João del Rei

On this route, I visited one of the historic cities of Minas Geraus, São João del Rei, and took the opportunity to take a quick tour going to some listed houses and in front of the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church.

I had a coffee and continued on my way because I still had another hour of road ahead.

Bar do Levi


Arrival in Barbacena and a regional bar

Arriving in Barbacena, I met Cláudio downtown, we went to a pub bar even though he said it was legitimately Italian, Bar do Levi (Free traduction- Levi’s bar), and then we went to his house, a very nice all-wooden house, close to the mountains.

Wooden house in Barbacena, MG

The idea of ​​staying in Barbacena, in addition to the economy, was to get to know some of the Historic cities of Minas, such as Tiradentes.

I had seen its rich gastronomy on Pedro Benoliel’s program Tempero na Mochila, but in the end it was very rushed for my project O Mundo em Lanches as I decided to go to the rural area where Cláudio’s family has a farm.

So I took a quick walk around Tiradentes, had lunch in a self-service restaurant of regional food, and returned to Barbacena.

Tiradentes, MG

We left towards the farm in the daytime to pick up my colleague’s mother and enjoy the light on the dirt road.

Historic Cities of Minas Gerais and Roça Mineira

Adilson’s groceryStore

We arrived at the farm going straight to Adilson’s gricery store to meet Claudio’s uncle who was spending a few days there.

The grocery store was also a bar, but very simple.

We had to start the ritual by drinking a cachaça (sugar cane-rum) and then we went to the beer, the beer was named Kaiser (I like it), the 600ml bottle for R$ 4.50 (about $1), rural price – in SP it’s difficult to find beer at this price, probably not even the dealer pays for it.

Access to the farm, known as Roça.

Farm day

Sunday was very calm, very calm for real.

We took a walk around the farm to try to solve the water problem. Even though it has an internal source, it was lacking due to the dry period.

Then I spent a few hours watching the cattle graze.

the garden

On the way back, at nightfall, we saw a herd of cattle being moved along the street. According to them, this is not normal there, so it was luck.

With Claudio in the traditional photo record

Historic cities of Minas Feraus, the farm changed my plans

I confess that my idea of ​​going through the historic cities of Minas was not for the history, but to try to get more involved with the local cuisine, without success because my visit was very fast.

But the trip to the farm was pleasant and a difficult experience to find, it was very worth it.

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself.

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