Mangal das Garças in Belém do Pará is a Amazonian oasis in the middle of an urban zone in the Para’s capital

The Mangal das Garças (free traduction- heron mangrove) is an unmissable tourist spot to get to know in Belém do Pará.

I passed by there on my trip to this surprising city, rich in culture and gastronomy.

What is Mangal das Garças

It is a naturalistic park created in 2005 and administered by Organização Social Pará 2000 (Social Pará Organization 2000), a private nonprofit association.

The Mangal das Garças was built in an area of 40 thousand square near of the River Guamá bank, the idea was to show the Pará’s macroregions with their faunas: floodplain (varzea) forest, tropical forest  and field.

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What you will find at Mangal das Garças

Lago Cavername  – (free traduction – cavername lake)

Besides the wading birds, turtles and mallards that live near the lake , you can enjoy a wood sculpture made by the artist Geraldo Teixeira.

Lago da Ponta in Mangal das Garças –  (free traduction – tip lake)

Those birds also live near this lake, which is covered by beautiful water lilies.

Farol de Belém – (free traduction – Belém lighthouse)

A beautiful lighthouse registered on Brazil nautical charts, the highest point is 27 meters with a nice landscape of the town that is really flat.


Fonte de Caruanas – (free traduction – caruanas fountain)

Next to the bronze sculpture  made by Sônia Ebling, an artist, there is a stream which flows on the artificial fountain that looks like steps 

Borboletário in Mangal das Garças (a zoo just with butterflies)

There are more than 5 thousand butterflies born per month, which are identified and  registered. When I went there, the Borboletário was under maintenance so I couldn’t visit. 

Mirante do Rio in Mangal das Garças (free traduction – River Lookout)

After a 100 meter walkway on native vegetation, you will be able to go to a lookout with a view to Rio Guamá (Guamá river).

Farol de Belém no Mangal das Garças
Farol de Belém no Mangal das Garças

Viveiro Aningas (Aningas aviary)

There are more than 35 species of  birds living in the Viveiro Aningas.

Memorial Amazônico de Navegação in Mangal das Garças (Amazonian navigation memorial)

There, you can find the three different types of Amazonian navigations: military, commercial and regional.

Armazém do tempo (free traduction – time warehouse)

It was an old mechanical workshop to fix broken ships or boats, now the building is used as an exhibition space. The day I went, there were crafts and handworks being solds.

O que fazer em Belém do Pará: Mirante do Rio
O que fazer em Belém do Pará: Mirante do Rio

Manjar das Garças Restaurant

One of the most famous and traditional of the town, the Lunch buffet costs R$65,00, you can eat as much as you want, and the dinner is ar à La Carte.


You don’t need to pay for tickets to enter the park, but to visit some of the places cited above is required to pay a small fee to each of those: Borboletário Josë Márcio Ayres, Farol do Belém (Belém lighthouse), Viveiro das Aningas (Aningas Aviary)  Memorial Amazônico da Navegação (Amazonian Navigation Memorial)

Armazém do tempo
Armazém do tempo

Visiting time

Every day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

except wednesday, when the park is under maintenance.

For sure, it is worthy to visit, it is near to the Centro Histórico de Belém do Pará  (Belém do Pará historic center) I went on foot from the supermarket Ver-O-Peso to the park, my intention was to go to the fort, but it was closed for renovation.


At Belém, I met Antônio, a homeless man that noticed I was a tourist and came talk to me. He decided to go with me to the Forte do presépio (a fort), which was closed. So he decided to go with me to the Mangal das Garças , but I noticed that he was a little impatient, he started to tell me the wrong way, and when I looked at the map, I was going the right way. So I gave him some of the money that I had and he went away.

I was finishing my walk to the Mangal das Garças, it was a little far from the place I was, so I walked a lot, besides that, the weather was hot. After a long walk, I realized that I was on the wrong side. I had passed the entry, So I had to walk a little more.

Finally, I got there.There is a huge garden divide in some different areas: a flower garden, the principal lake, the butterfly museum and a lockout in the middle of the square, I went up there, it has a beautiful landscape, you can almost see all the city, wonderful. 

Coming back to the hostel, I decided to take a bus to go back to the supermarket, actually, that bus didn’t seems a public transportation and probably it wasn’t, but it was the only option. 

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