Motorcycle rescue, travel itinerary from Santiago to são Paulo

More than a year and a half of waiting and now I have the opportunity to rescue the motorcycle and return on a travel itinerary from Santiago de Chile to São Paulo, Brazil.

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Anyone who follows my journey knows that at the beginning of the intensification of the pandemic caused by the new Coronavirus, I anticipated the end (or a break) of my motorcycle trip across America and returned by plane to Brazil.

I went through the South of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, when I was in the Atacama Desert, in Chile, the health crisis hit, I had one day to decide to return by land through Argentina and another one to return through Bolivia, I decided understand what was happening and the borders closed, The only way to get back was by plane from Santiago, Chile.

Now, anxious and with expectations due to the new demands caused by the health crisis, I have the opportunity to do what I’m calling the motorcycle rescue.

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Who am I?

Before I continue, let me introduce myself.

I’m Rodrigo Schmiegelow, an advertiser specializing in Digital Marketing, today I live as a Digital Nomad, in other words, that I have geographic freedom and can work from anywhere in the world.

I started a trip around the world to get to know places, cultures and regional cuisines and I will bring great surprises from these experiences.

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With that I needed to plan in more detail the idea of ​​going after the motorcycle.

Of course, it is a previous travel itinerary, which can have many changes along the way and the idea has always been that.

Motorcycle Rescue Travel Itinerary

Week 1

Arrival in Santiago de Chile where I will need to fulfill a quarantine of 5 days in an isolated place.

Motorcycle Rescue – Week 2

From the sixth day of the trip, the motorcycle rescue begins. I’ll pick it up from a friend’s house where I had the chance to keep it and take it for a complete overhaul.

I don’t understand mechanics but I already know that I’ll need to clean the tank, change the oil and look at everything I need.

Week 3

As soon as possible, due to the high costs of living in Chile, especially with the current requirements, I will travel by land to Argentina.

From Santiago to Mendoza it is almost 400 kilometers passing through the middle of the Andes and through the famous stretch of Los Caracoles, a mountain range with sharp curves in Chile.

Continuing the rescue of the motorcycle with this initial travel itinerary I leave for:

Motorcycle Rescue – Week 4

The idea is to take advantage of the fact that I’ll be on the road and go up to the North of Argentina, where I intend to get to know Salta and the region.

Between Week 5 and 6

I must continue this travel itinerary and enter Paraguay through the capital Asunción, thus getting to know another part of a country I have never visited.

Week 7

I enter Brazil through Foz do Iguaçu and go back to São Paulo slowly, taking advantage of the opportunities and getting to know some more regions of the country that I don’t know.

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