My experience with Worldpackers

How was my experience with worldpackers

Briefly, it is a exchange of hosting services, most of time, with one meal per day included

Some persons call this a voluntary thing, but, in my opinion, this name is used due to the legislation, because, in the experience that I had with Worldpads, you are offering a service to gain something in return, and a voluntary service, you ain’t expecting something in return, for that reason I don’t use this term.

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How did I get a worldpackers service?

I registered myself on the site and paid U$ 40,00 of rate. This way, I could access the opportunities in the platform –  some people register themselves on the site and contact the hostels, inns and hotels. This also works. 

I was planning to travel in October, so in December I signed up for three opportunities, one of them was going well, but decided to go earlier and lost the opportunity.

experience worlds packers

I was in Praia Grande de Santa Catarina (a seaside town of Rio Grande do Sul(a state of Brazil)) where there is nice canyons – I went to the Itaimbenzinho –  leaving on the way to Gramado and Canela when I decided to take a look at the opportunities in the platform, and luckily I found one of photography and digital marketing in Canela, I signed up and they answered me really a few hours later.

The opportunity: experience with worldpackers

How I said, it was in the marketing area, I needed to take photos 

I stayed at the Schmitt Haus inn, an old hotel in the Serra Gaúcha (a mountain rage) where a family was managing and transforming the inns, dormitories and cabins into houses to rent in a short period like AriBnB.


They offered me a bed in a shared room and all the meals of the day, of course, a simple meal – to breakfast – bread with butter and coffee – to lunch and dinner – rice, beans and egg.

So, some WP (Worldpacker) and I used to got together to buy food or go to some place. 


In this place, there are many Workdpackers. Vinicius, the owner, normally receives everyone who does those services, which can be good or not, once there are a lot of people with just a few quantities of services. 

The experience with Worldpackers 

How I was doing a specialized service, I was free to work the way that I think that is better.

I took pictures of all the bedrooms, cabins and inns, living rooms, breakfast and so on to update the pictures on hosting platforms, such as Bookings, AirBnB and HQ Beds.


I also was responsible for updating the social media posting the new pictures and talking about the experience I had there (the rooms, the region and the people).

I created a positioning with goals, how and what to talk, and some basic things about communication that they hadn’t.

It was a great and very productive experience due to the autonomy and the fact that the owners, even though they aren’t used to dealing with the business management, were really  nice, we were almost becoming a family. 

Besides this job, I helped them to cook and do the breakfast, i really like it, and most of the WPs weren’t waking up early, I also cleaned some stuffs, made the beds, received guests – but all this wasn’t part of my routine, once that my job was another and there were other people to do those services.

Is it worthy (Workdpacker)?

If you have time to travel and stay a long time at the place and cities, it is really worth it because you can save money that you would spend with hotel accommodations and meals, which are the most expensive things that you pay for on a trip. 

inn schmitt haus

In this way, you also can know more about the people and the region, once you spend more time there – honestly, I was already feeling at home in Canela.

Some Important Tips

Distance – the place I stayed at wasn’t really close to the downtown, however I was with my motorcycle, so this wasn’t a problem, but for the others WPs, it was a difficulty, what makes the free time not so enjoyable. 

Set your schedule well – as it isn’t a formal thing, there is a risk of involving yourself too much and, in this way, you will not be able to visit the town that you are at – if this is well settled, you can spend your free time better. 

The communication is also an important part, as I was used to work at companies (publicity agencies) the way I worked there was really different, the experience with Worldpackers is more informal, what is good for both sides, so you need to learn how work with no pressure, less expectations and with more autonomy, don’t expect to be something organized and structured like a formal job. 

Are you thinking about traveling with Worldpacker? Tell me your expectations.   

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Who am I?

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Rodrigo Schmiegelow, an advertiser specializing in Digital Marketing, today I live as a Digital Nomad (what is it), in other words, that I have geographic freedom and can work from anywhere in the world.

I started a trip around the world to get to know places, cultures and regional cuisines and I will bring great surprises from these experiences.

Follow the Project O Mundo em Lanches (The world in sandwiches) blog on Instagram, follow all the news and this new journey with the rescue of the motorcycle.

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