Nova Trento – Visiting

Nova Trento. From Brusque to Florianópolis, I visited Nova Trento, the city of Santa Paulina, the first Brazilian saint (Santa – female saint)

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It was a quick stopover due to the advice of my father’s friend where I stayed in Brusque.

Mother Paulina (Santa Paulina) first Brazilian saint

The city is part of the European valley and right at the entrance it is already possible to see several charming houses with almost no gate – quite different from what I am used to in São Paulo.

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The visit was going to be fast and with the rain getting heavier it was even faster.

I stopped the motorcycle in a parking lot and went to have lunch in a buffet restaurant. I wanted to try La Bella Polenta but it was closed because it was a Tuesday.

Nova Trento

After lunch I quickly went to the sanctuary which is very beautiful on the outside, but simple on the inside and the main point of Nova Trento.

And I continued my route.

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