Pedra da Macela, an amazing place for a night of camping

Pedra da Macela is a good place for a night of camping, a Brazilian mountain located exactly on the border between the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Serra do Mar, part of the Atlantic Forest.

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It has an altitude of 1840 meters and a 2-mile climb to its top – a stretch that has to be done by foot.


My experience

Leaving São Paulo

I went on this trip with my younger brother, Matheus. At the time I lived in the center of the city of São Paulo and he was in the East Side, so he slept at house so we could leave as soon as the sun rose.

Early in the morning we left the house, at the time I had a naked motorcycle, a body that is not at all made for traveling.

The trip took about 6 hours because we were making some stops along the way until we finally arrived at Pedra da Macela.

Arrival at Pedra da Macela

When we got there, we found that we couldn’t go to the top of the mountain by motorbike, we reached the maximum possible point to get in with our own transport, we parked there and had to walk.

The trail is very beautiful – it starts in a stretch with more trees that get smaller the higher we are.

The problem was that our trip was not just for camping, we were going to spend a few more days in Ubatuba and then in Guarujá, so we were allowed to carry more luggage than we should for this hike and it was not possible to leave it on the bike for safety reasons.

We arrived at the top of the mountain tired, but it was worth it. The view is beautiful, where you look there is breathtaking, and not just because of the climb, lol. On one side you can see the coast – we could see this view for less than 5 minutes because, suddenly, the fog rose and everything turned white.

We saw a beautiful sunset through the clouds with depth in the mountains that it was possible to see the horizon, and darkness arrived, at the top of the mountain, there was no light source, so it was very dark.


We stayed at camp, and a few other groups also known there, so it was pretty cool.

It was very cold at night and unfortunately the sky was misty with rain, a pity because we couldn’t see the stars and the moon.

The farewell to Pedra Macela

We left with all our luggage early in the morning, and because it was so heavy, it was difficult to go down the mountain at first, but we did  it.

over the clouds

Our trip didn’t end here, we still passed quickly in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, spent a night at Ubatuba and shortly afterwards we went down the coast by motorbike, with a fantastic view all the way along the Rio Santos Road, until we arrived at Guarujá, where our family was on holiday.

The trip was very good, but I believe my brother was a little traumatized from traveling on a motorcycle.

After all, it was fun to get to know and, if you feel like it, camping at Pedra da Macela was really worth it.

Do you know the Pedra da Macela? Tell us about your experience there!

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