Piriápolis and the best beaches in Uruguay

Did you know that Uruguay, a Latin American country, has a beautiful coastline? And it doesn’t matter if you’re one of those people who like a beach with no lack of tourist activities, or if you prefer a quiet one, in this post you’ll find the perfect type of beach for you. Today, we’re going to talk about Piriápolis and the best beaches in Uruguay, listing all the peculiarities of each one of them!

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It is worth remembering that we are not going to talk about the entire Uruguayan coast, we are only going to mention four best beaches!

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Now let’s get down to business!

Piriápolis and four best beaches in Uruguay

1- Piriápolis

    Piriápolis (Piriápolis city and Piriápolis beach) is first on our list because it is one of the largest cities on the Uruguayan coast.

    The beaches in this town are for those who like crowded and busy beaches, as it’s easily one of the most popular in the country!

    Piriápolis beach has very white sand, as in the other beaches in this region, and is very beautiful.

    However, people are mainly attracted by the numerous tourist activities in the city, such as ecological tours, historical places, lively nightlife, and so on.


    In addition to all said above, trade in the city is very strong, contributing even more to the arrival of tourists.

    Finally, Piriápolis beach has the most special sunset, this simple event takes place there in a magnificent and memorable way.

    2 – Verde Beach – Playa Verde

    Verde Beach is also close to the Piriápolis, however, this one is very different from the first beach we mentioned.

    Because it is a much quieter beach, there’s not too many people.

    To get there, you need to walk a small trail, which makes the beach less accessible to tourists.

    Verde Beach’s strong point is its natural beauty, its white sand is definitely the protagonist.

    It’s a great option for those who like quieter environments to have a good time with family!

    3- Punta Negra

    Punta Negra beach looks alike with Verde Beach, in addition to also being located close to Piriápolis.

    It is a quiet beach, not really crowded. The dark sand is one of the most striking features of Punta Negra.

    As much as the beach is not very busy, it is common for people to go to this beach to practice sports on the sand and to surf.

    In addition, fishing is very normal in Punta Negra.

    4- Punta colorada

    Punta Colorada is a less crowded beach, but its natural beauty is something extremely impressive, being popular among Uruguayans themselves.

    Considered a “paradise” in the country, Punta Colorada beach has dark yellow sand (it is almost beige).

    The sunset stands out again on this beach, as the sun goes down, everything looks orange. When the sea reflects this orange sunlight, it kinda turns silver.

    It is also an excellent choice for family activities, fishing and surfing.

    The purpose of this article is to show you only 4 of the best beaches in Uruguay. So, on your next trip, you’ll already know exactly which one is the best for you!

    I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any comments, write to us! Thank you and see you soon.

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