The 5 best fishes of Pará – Gastronomy of Amazonas

As long as you are vegan, vegetarian or some variation that doesn’t eat fish, it is really difficult for you to go to this state and don’t eat one of the 5 Best Fishes of Pará.

Almost all of them are of Amazonian origin, they are really tasteful and they are in a lot of  typical dishes from Pará.

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When I went to Belém, the capital of the state which has a lot of rivers and with a rich, really rich, gastronomic culture.

peixe com polpa de açai

 I ate fish with açai pulp, with rice from Pará, with white rice, on Tucupi, I ate fish in so many different ways and with so many different side dishes.

The 5 Best Fishes from Pará are:


Of the fishes I ate, this one was my favorite.

one type of Bagre knowing like Piraíba too, achieves up to 2,5 meters and can weigh more than one hundred Kilos.

from deep water, it is typical of the island Marajó.

A leather fish, it is one of the noblest of the cuisine from Amazonas and favorite on Pará.

peixaria do mercado ver peso

But in the last days, they are smaller and more expensive, this is the biggest complaint on the Supermarket Ver-o-Peso.

The lack of Filhote fish worries the owners of the restaurants due to the preference for this fish  in the region.

o que é tucupi presente nos alimentos

Rice of Pará with Filhote Fish.

Rice of Pará with Filhote Fish.

The Filhote Fish can be found with Tucupi sauce, buriti, in moquecas, among many other food recipes.

I tried this fish as soon as I arrived in Belém.


From Tupi, it can mean: Tucun- friend and Aré tree, but there isn’t a consensus because some people said that this fish received that name for looks like a palm tree, tucun on the indigenou language isn’t like the literal traduction ´´tree friend´´ 

The dishes with the Tucunaré Fish can be cooked with capers sauce or, the most commun, stuffed and accompanied with rice, salad and flour.

peixe na Ilha de Combu, Pará

The one I ate was cooked and stuffed, it was really good! 

I ate this when I went to Combú Island and spent the day with the friends of my friend.

Oh! It is found throughout Brazil, but it is more common in the North and Northeast, and for that reason it is on the list of fishes of Pará.


It is bigger than Filhote, achieving up to three meters and more than 100  weights, because this one is one of the biggest fish of the freshwater in the world!

its name id indiginous too, it is from Pira– peixe and Urucun due to the red on its tail.

The meat is really tasteful and, normally, is prepared by cooking on the grill or oven, besides it is used like filling of cooked food of the region.


The Pacu Fish is from freshwater and is found on the rivers of the Amazonian hydrographic basin .

Due to the flattening on the sides of its body this fish belongs to Round Fishes. 

delicioso Pacu na Ilha do Combu, Belém do Pará

Delicious Pacu on the Combu Island, Belém do Pará

Delicious Pacu on the Combu Island, Belém do Pará

It used to be served cooked on the oven or on the grill because of  its type of meat with a lot of flat and little fishbones.

I have also eaten at Combu Island:

The Belo After Blog told us a little bit about this thema too,  it is worth the reading.


It is also known as Tigre de Rio (River Tiger) due to its stripes and bravery and resistance, when hooked on fishing.

This fish is really known for that reason, it is one of the most coveted fish for the fishermen.

It is also considered an Amazonian majesty.


I reinforce that the gastronomy of Pará is really rich.

The freshwater fishes help to increase this level twogether with all the delicacies originated on Amazonas 

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I really liked all the fishes of Pará that I have eaten, and you? Do you have a favorite among the 5 Best Fishes of Pará?

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