The amazing Water Parks in Caldas Novas

The summer in Brazil is approaching! So, why not search for destinations that help you cool off on your trip? To help you choose your destination, today we are going to make a list of the best water parks in Caldas Novas, state of Goiás!

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In case you don’t know, the water parks in Caldas Novas attract numerous tourists during the year, they are very famous leisure areas.

The highest concentration of tourists happens in the summer, however, as it is a municipality in Goiás, there are other times of the year that are also very hot and allow you to enjoy these parks.

Of course, we are going to mention each of these parks, talking about what they have in particular. Nevertheless, I need to tell you something first.

The municipality of Caldas Novas has many other activities available besides the water parks, so if you want to know more about the subject, read our article on What to do in Caldas Novas, guaranteed fun.

Now let’s go!

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What are the best Water Parks in Caldas Novas?

1. DiRoma Acqua Park

DiRoma Acqua Park opens our list of water parks in Caldas Novas because it is the most full of attractions.

Trust me, your fun will be guaranteed there.

Source: Flickr (

I say this because there are numerous attractions in this park, such as giant slides, wave pools, slides that go through caves, and so on.

Did you get any idea how fun this park is?

And for children, there is the Kids Park, also with attractions similar to the ones above, but in smaller and slower proportions.

Address: Rua São Cristóvão, Nº 805, Solar de Caldas, Caldas Novas – Goiás, CEP 75696-030

2. Hot Park

Continuing our list of water parks in Caldas Novas, we need to talk about  the Hot Park!

In addition to being well located and having incredible attractions, it has an exceptional curiosity:

It was the first water park to have thermal water in the world.

The warm water is natural in Caldas Novas, due to the natural temperature inside the earth.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (

Rainwater penetrates deep into the ground, and the deeper it goes, the hotter it gets! Until, due to the pressure, it returns to the surface.

For that reason, Hot Park has a summer climate during the whole year, your fun is guaranteed at any time of the year!

There are also attractions that are a bit more radical, some in the middle of nature.

However, for those who want quieter activities, there will be no lack of options!

Certainly one of the best water parks in Caldas Novas, be sure to visit it on your trip.

Address: RUA PARTICULAR COMPLEXO TURÍSTICO, SN – Esplanada do Rio Quente, Rio Quente – GO, 75667-000

3. Clube Privé – Privé Club

Clube Privé is the simplest and cheapest water park on our list.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun, and that’s exactly why it’s on our list of the best water parks in Caldas Novas.

Clube Privé is part of the Privé hotel chain, so for guests this park is free, for tourists it is not.

This park has quieter attractions, such as water slides, thermal water pools and a children’s area.

There are also some shows and events!

Address: Av. Cell Cirilo Lopes de Morais, 237 – Tourist 1, Caldas Novas – GO, 75696-016

4. Water Park

And to finish our list of the best water parks in Caldas Novas, let’s talk about the Water Park.

This park is also part of the Privé hotel chain, however, it is more crowded and has more attractions than the Privé Club.

There you will find giant water slides, pools with waves, water playground, maze, among other radical and quieter attractions available in this amusement park.

Definitely one of the best on our list, worth your visit!

Address: Rua do Balneário – Qd. 10 – Lt. 19 Bairro Turista, Caldas Novas, Goiás 75690-000 Brazil

Our purpose with this article is that you get to know the main water parks in Caldas Novas. I guarantee that all of those on the list are incredible experiences.

Enjoy your summer and/or your trip!

Thank you and see you later!

Did you already know some these parks? Which one did you like best? Tell me here in the comments!

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