The beaches in Buzios

Buzios has more than 20 beaches that are breathtaking and delight anyone who passes by.

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This city is a municipality located on an oceanic peninsula located in the westside of the state of Rio de Janeiro, popularly known as Buzios.

Due to its paradisiacal beaches and crystalline waters, it is very common to go diving on the beaches in Buzios, which, because the sea is not polluted, has beautiful marine life, and it is even possible to see sea turtles.

Buzios beaches

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The beaches of Buzios

Búzios has some beaches in “double”, with one of the names in the diminutive, the reason is because these beaches in the diminutive are a continuation from some other beach.

Azeda and Azedinha Beaches

Azedinha, as already explained, is a continuation of Praia Azeda, which is next to it.

azeda e azedinha

Azeda means sour in portuguese, this name was given due to an old plantation of citrus and very sour fruits in that place.

Azedinha Beach was definitely my favorite in Búzios, it is extremely charming, presenting a passionate beauty.

Nor can we forget about Azeda Beach, which is also very beautiful.

These beaches in Búzios are surrounded by rock formations that form natural pools, they have calm, crystalline and warm waters.

Its access can be done by aquataxi or by a short walk after Ossos beach.

Praia dos Ossos – The beaches in Buzios

It is a beach full of boats that makes swimming not very likable.

It has a calm sea and a short strip of sand. This beach has a short trail that leads to Azeda and Azedinha beaches.

Praia dos Ossos

Its name is due to the fact that on that beach it was allowed to hunt whales and the fishermen buried the bones of these whales in the sand of Praia dos Ossos.

Forno Beach

Forno beach (or Praia do forno, or even Oven Beach) has reddish sand and very cold water, Praia do Forno has this name because of its reddish areas that are heated by the sea currents that arrive in the summer, and by the rocks around it that transmit heat, making it seem like we are in an oven, because it has the heat coming from above, due to the sun, from the sides and from the ground.

Praia do Forno

In addition, because it is surrounded by mountains, the region holds the air, leaving the place warmer than in other places.

It is a beach with a unique look, but I didn’t have the courage to go to its waters due to its temperature, extremely cold the day I was there, in addition to the large concentration of seaweed floating in the sea.

This Búzios beach is ideal for diving and fishing, as its rocky bottom has caves and natural pools.

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Praia da Foca – The beaches in Buzios

Arriving at Foca Beach can be done by aqua taxi, which is the most common way, or by a small trail with lots of rocks.

It is a very narrow beach and surrounded by rocks, it has a tight strip of sand that forms a natural pool formed by rocks.

I consider it one of the most beautiful beaches in Búzios and I recommend you visit it.

It has calm and crystalline waters, being ideal for diving and fishing.

Foca means seal in portuguese, the origin of its name lies in the fact that a seal appeared on this beach.

Joao Fernandes Beach

The first beach I visited in Búzios and certainly one of my favorites.

This beach has calm, crystalline water and an ideal temperature for bathing, it also has clear and fine sand.

João Fernandes

João Fernandinho beach is separated by a hill from João Fernandes, but unlike that one, João Fernandinho is not so crowded.

Its name originated due to the fact that a Portuguese navigator named João Fernandes used the beach to defend himself from pirate attacks.

Armação Beach – The beaches in Buzios

Located in the center of Búzios, bathing is not recommended due to the number of boats in its water.

It is located on Rua das Pedras and surrounds the entire Orla Bardot.

Most of it does not have sand, it is on this beach that we find the statue of the 3 fishermen.

It is also where the schooner tours leave.

Praia Brava

This beach has rough seas and big waves, that is why it is called Brava (brava means angry), being the favorite of surfers.

It features pink sands and has an exuberant nature, with rocks and green shores.

Ferradura and Ferradurinha Beach

The beaches of Ferradura and Ferradurinha are among the quietest beaches in Búzios.

The beach is shaped like a horseshoe, hence its name. They have fine white sand, surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Despite having calm waters, they are very cold, but that doesn’t stop tourists from having fun.

Geriba Beach – The beaches in Buzios

Geribá beach is one of the most famous beaches in Búzios. Its name comes from the Jerivá palm, native from the Atlantic Forest.

It was one of the biggest beaches I went to in Búzios, Geribá beach had a large expanse of sand and it reminded me a lot of Enseada beach, located in Guarujá.

Praia Olho de Boi 

Olho de Boi is a hidden beach  in Búzios, it is a nudist beach much sought after by naturists.

To get to this beach it is necessary to take a trail that starts at Praia Brava.

The origin of its name comes from a red seed called bull’s eye (Olho do boi – bull’s eye) , quite common on the beach.

Love Beach – Praia dos Amores

Praia dos Amores has this name because it is very frequented by couples.

There is a joke that says that 80% of the Búzios population was “made” on this beach, due to the fact that many couples go there to have sex.

This beach has clear, bluish and calm waters, as well as migratory and native bird species.

It is a deserted, wild and cozy beach. Its access is made on foot or by boat.

What’s up? Which of these beaches is your favorite in Búzios? Tell us in the comments!

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