Things to do in Monte Verde

Best things to do in Monte Verde, the district of Camanducaia, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The city is very close to São Paulo, about 3 hours by car.

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Due to this proximity, it turns out to be a very nice and short trip by car.

Monte Verde is a very romantic city and reminds me a lot of Campos de Jordão, it has typical architecture from some European countries.

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Things to do in the city of Monte Verde

 Avenida Monte Verde –  Avenue

One of the main tourist attractions in Monte Verde is walking along its avenue, which is a very cool and peaceful environment, it has a very beautiful architectural organization and many options for tours there.

erde-avenue –small-store
Things to do in Monte Verde – Avenue – small store

On Avenida Monte Verde – Avenue – there is a lot of commerce and many small sales shops, you can find everything there.

ATV ride

For those who enjoy adventure, the quad bike ride is something very interesting.

In Monte Verde it is possible to go on trails with quads and explore the region as well.

quad bikes – things to do in Monte Verde

The price of this adventure varies a little for each place and package you close, and it can cost from 120 to 150 reais per hour ($22 to $27 dollars)

More dope things to do in the city of Monte Verde

It is also possible to go horse riding, go on Jeep trails or go hiking.

There are several types of farms and fun packages to close, including adult and children’s zipline, climbing and even archery.

Fun and adventure abound in this incredible city!

Romantic Chalets

As it is a romantic little town, you could not miss the option of staying in a chalet.

In this city there are several options of chalets that vary according to your choice and your budget, romanticism is what you will not miss there.


Of course, Fondue couldn’t be left out of this romantic and passionate place.

There are some really tasty all-you-can-eat  fondue restaurant options, including savory, which has cheese and chocolate fondue.


In the city of Monte Verde there is a falconry school, and if you are passionate about nature and animals, it turns out to be a very interesting thing.

It is possible to interact with hawks and owls. For more information click here

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