Things to do on a trip to Poços de Caldas

Did you know that when it comes to traveling, experiences in Brazil can be a hell of a experience? We can never forget that in Brazil, there are many different types of cities available to make your trip something unique and memorable, the variety makes you experience the most. For that reason, today we are going to talk about Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, showing you the best activities for you to enjoy your trip with the family!

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In addition to the waterfalls, spas and incredible views, the water of this city has been enchanting tourists more and more.

You didn’t get it wrong, the water of this place has always drawn attention!

Being located in an extinct volcanoes region, Poços de Caldas has water with different properties, good for health. The famous hot springs.

But let’s take it easy, we’ll explain this better throughout the article!

Oh, and before you forget: this city is one of the main ones, but it’s not the only tourist city in Minas Gerais.

A trip to this state is a true immersion in the Brazilian culture, so if you want to discover more options of cities to travel in Minas Gerais, we recommend that you read 9 amazing cities to visit in Minas Gerais, motorcycle trip

Now let’s go to what interests you!

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Things to do in Poços de Caldas

  • Visit the Spas

It may not be so common to see a visit to the Spa as one of the essential activities on a trip.

But it is in the Spas that you will be able to understand why the thermal waters of Poços de Caldas are so famous.

As we have already said, these waters have beneficial health properties, being used in therapeutic and aesthetic treatments, and it can be sedative, vasodilating, analgesic and relaxing.

The most famous Spa in the city is Thermas Antônio Carlos, located at Rua Junqueira, downtown.

  • Waterfalls

Did you know that Minas Gerais is considered the land of waterfalls?

And of course, Poços de Caldas would not be left out! The waterfall that stands out the most in the city is the Brides’ Veil Waterfall (Cachoeira Véu das Noivas)

waterfall- Poços de Caldas

Its fame is from the 10-meter high waterfall.

The noise of the waters and its magnitude makes the local view incredible!

As if all this were not enough, Véu das Noivas Waterfall  is surrounded by nature, making the tourist have a great contact with the local fauna and flora.

It is located on Avenida João Pinheiro, Véu das Noivas Parque (Park).

  • Walter World Park – Parque Walter World

Walter World Park is one of the largest theme parks in the country, containing about 150 thousand square meters! And you can trust me, its size is proportional to the activities you will find inside.

Perhaps, on this list, this is the best option for a tour with children, they will be delighted with the place.

The park has children’s, radicals and aquatic attractions.

In addition, the park has other activities such as an army museum with items from the Second World War, theater, mini zoo, monorail, among others!

Walter World Park is located at Av. To see. Edmundo Cardilo, 3131 – Jardim Del Rey, Poços de Caldas

  • Paragliding

For those who are lovers of adventure and extreme sports, paragliding is an essential activity on your trip to Poços de Caldas.

The flight lasts an average of 15 minutes, and may vary due to weather conditions.

In addition to the feeling of adrenaline during the flight, those who venture into this activity are impressed by the incredible view from up there, being able to see beautiful mountains next to nature!

If you want to record your flight as a souvenir, you can rent a GoPro camera on the website.

To fly a paraglider, you need to go to the rampa de voo livre (free flight ramp) located at Chácara Santa Bárbara (farm).

  • Christ the Redeemer

As in many Catholic cities, Poços de Caldas also has a statue of Christ the Redeemer.

However, it is far from being a simple monument, it is 30 meters high!

As much as the statue is the center of attention, it is not the only element worthy of admiration.

I say that because the view from the place is simply wonderful!

To get there, it is necessary to climb the São Domingos Mountain Range – Serra de São Domingos.

Our purpose with this article is to make you know exactly what to do on your trip to Poços de Caldas.

We are sure that with these tips, your trip will be unique.

Thank you and see you later!

Did you already know these tips for your trip? What was your favorite one? Tell me here in the comments!

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