Travel Memories: do you collect your own?

Why Collect Travel Memories?

Firstly, we believe that you have already noticed that Rodrigo has been to several countries in South America, he has already been to Toronto and Africa and also to a number of destinations in Brazil. Wherever he went, the traveler does not fail to record his travel memories in a diary, in addition to taking many, many photos of these great moments.

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“After each destination, I compile the local and gastronomic experiences I have lived to share with the followers of The World in Sandwiches, I’ve also recorded some videos of these moments, but it still don’t record it as often as I would like”, comments the traveler.

Travel Memories

The benefits of revisiting memories

Rodrigo told us that he really likes to remember these experiences, even with the problems he has gone through – which also add up a lot in his trajectory – these records bring great emotions. “I also really enjoy telling these stories to my friends, family and blog followers, as it is very gratifying when I can clear up these people’s doubts through the information I’ve shared and inspire them for their next destinations”, he emphasizes.

The digital nomad admitted that he is very critical of the way he records his travel memories. “I really like it when stories like these are told in person or in very well-written books, rich in detail about the experiences. Amyr Klink’s work ‘100 days between the sky and the sea’ is a reference for me, because he knows very well how to rescue his story and how to keep his readers interested. When the chat takes place in person, I really like the exchange of experiences, hearing where people went and what their experience was like. In addition to getting to know their plans for the future, because who knows, they could be on my list of destinations”, jokes Rodrigo.

So it’s worth noting those tips:

– On all your travels, take time to record your memories

– Share them with other travel lovers

– And if you want to send these stories to us, we’d be happy to share them with our readers!

Are you ready to start collecting your travel memories? If you want tips on how to start this important journey, comment here on this post!

Ah… soon Rodrigo will bring news about his journey that lasted five months traveling alone on a motorcycle through the roads of South America. Keep following our blog to stay on top of this experience.

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