I made my trip to OlImpia a few years ago, I went with my family, all 4 siblings, my mother and my brother-in-lawI.

Olímpia is a city in São Paulo, with 802.5 km², which is approximately 6 hours from the city of São Paulo.

According to the Olimpia government website, the city was founded on March 2nd, 1903

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Who am I?

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Rodrigo Schmiegelow, an advertiser specializing in Digital Marketing, today I live as a Digital Nomad (what is it), in other words, that I have geographic freedom and can work from anywhere in the world.

I started a trip around the world to get to know places, cultures and regional cuisines and I will bring great surprises from these experiences.

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The beginning of my trip to Olimpia

We left the house very early in the morning, 2 cars, as my family is quite large, and we hit the road.

The journey to Olimpia is very long and a little tiring if you are driving, but it is quite calm.

After 6 hours and a few stops on the road, we finally arrived at the hotel, we stayed at the hotel in the park itself, which is huge. My little sister was impressed, even she thought we were rich, poor thing!

The fun in Olimpia

We stayed in the city of Olímpia for 4 days, with lots of fun, the hotel was very nice and cozy, with plenty of things for leisure.

>> For more information about the park click here.

We went to the water park, O Thermas dos Laranjais, the most known in Olímpia, a couple of times to be able to enjoy it all.

The water park is huge and has several attractions, with guaranteed fun for the whole family.

In addition to the water park, we also toured a city near Olympia by car where we saw many monkeys, they even climbed into our car.

Tour in Olímpia


Farewell to an incredible journey

After 4 days of pure fun and a bit of a virus, we returned to our house.

The saddest part of a trip is when it ends.

The trip was amazing and my siblings had a great time, I hope to be back there with my family soon.

And you? Have you ever been to Olympia? Tell us there in the comments!

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