Waterfalls on The Most Amazing Day at General Carneiro

Visiting waterfalls on the most amazing day at General Carneiro, Mato Grosso, Brazil. General Carneiro is a small and simple city near Barra do Garças.

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We woke up earlier and had breakfast at a pastel (fried pastry) shop so that I could try gueroba (the bitter palm heart from cerrado) and saltenha (a type of pastry rolled in another way with rotten dough and only one flavor option)

 I really liked both, especially the gueroba together with ground beef, this combination softened the bitter taste of the heart of palm a little, making the pastel very tasty.

the simplicity of general carneiro

Waterfalls on The Most Amazing Day

After that we went to Cachoeira Cristal – Cristal waterfall, a little further away, but much more interesting. There are many small waterfalls until you reach the bigger waterfall.

Near this waterfall there were two caves that we didn’t have the courage to go to. That’s because of a bunch of stories about 13-meter anacondas snakes that have been found in the region. 

I took so many more pictures. I swam a lot with Junior, my friend’s brother, and with my friend Tic. We climbed on a rock to dive. The water was cold, but in a way that didn’t make you want to get out. 

Energize. relaxed. I was the only one of my friends who managed to get even close to this bigger waterfall. 

Near the waterfall it was possible to see two types of fish, people were giving bread and trying to catch the little fish with their hands, but only Renato’s nephew, a 10-year-old boy, got it.

Felling Welcomed at General Carneiro

After that we were welcomed by Renato’s mother in General Carneiro, a city of 3,000 inhabitants. She made rice, beans, mayonnaise, salad and gueroba for us. Simple but delicious food. I helped finish making the mayonnaise, I think I won her sympathy with that.

I was delighted with the city. A small town like Alto da Compadecida, with houses still unplastered or unpainted, very small, with only one floor. People leave their houses to get some fresh air. 

Fabio Lima, the storyteller, lives there and took us to take pictures with an emu. Then we went to Renato’s aunt’s house. And that was the experience that pleased me the most. 

When she got there, she and two other women were making curd. Me, being who I am, started invading the house and questioning what they were doing, how and why.

 I helped hold the pan in the final process before shaping the requeijões (it’s like a really creamy cheese) and ordered one for myself (too bad it spoiled on the way back to São Paulo).

Being a little invasive helped me to gain their sympathy too. I really enjoyed feeling welcomed, being interested in what they were doing.

It was such a simple house, with family photos everywhere. A hand-dirty wall that has been painted many years ago. A lot of pan with milk curdling on all sides. An incredible experience to be able to see and live life in the countryside of Brazil, that’s what I believe is our reality. So I escaped from this elitist bubble that is São Paulo.

On this day I was so excited that I went out with the other two single friends, even though I drove back. Which, by the way, was a beautiful ride with the sun setting to our left.

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