I spent a weekend in Iguape before starting my trip

The idea was to start my project The world in sandwiches at Iguape because of a friend of mine who shared with me this dream, he has relatives there.

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When we were about 15 years old, we started to dream of taking our bikes and cycling around Brazil, but the responsibilities came and the dream was lost, or postponed a little.

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I was going to leave in October, but as I closed a freelance job of one month long allocated before starting the project, I postponed the beginning of the dream to November.

As the trip to spend the weekend in Iguape was already scheduled for the beginning of October, I decided to go.

It was a family trip. We stayed at Chila’s aunt’s house, my friend, we spent the whole time drinking beer and eating barbecue meat.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at Ilhas Comprida, an Island that is very close to the city, and it was part of Iguape until 20 years ago.

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On my way back from the beach on Saturday, I took a picture of a beautiful sunset in the city.


The little part of Iguape I saw this weekend showed me a beautiful and organized city, with a mixed profile of a historic city and villages surrounding it. I stayed in one of those villages, a neighborhood close to a little road to get there.

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