What is Tucupi? Discover This Typical Delicacy of Pará!

What is Tucupi? A delicious sauce extracted from manioc roots present in many typical dishes in Pará.

When I went to Belém do Pará I ate a lot of this delicious sauce. This delicacy is in many typical dishes in this Northern Brazilian state, so I will answer: What is Tucupi?

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The first time I tried it was in the Paraense rice (Arroz Paraense) and the its taste was impressive, then I tried Tacacá, which we already talked about here. It was delicious.

Delicious Tacacá – Northern Brazilian dish, with lots of Tucupi

This wonderful delicacy was present in the seasoning of the fish, in the rice, in the broth, in many typical dishes of the region, below I’ll talk about the main ones.

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After all, what is Tucupi?

It is a sauce that can be found anywhere in Belém, and it is sold in abundance at Ver-o-Peso Supermarket. Its preparation is not easy, this sauce is extracted from wild manioc root after being peeled, grated and squeezed.

What is Tucupi – typical food of Pará

After all this, it is gonna rest so the starch will be separated from the liquid, and this liquid will be cooked to extract the poison. Lastly, the fermentation process lasts between three and five days before turning into this tasty delicacy.

I think this whole process is what makes Tucupi so special!

The three most popular dishes that contains this sauceWhat is Tucupi?

  • Tacacá – is a delicious broth that is served so hot, made of tucupi, tapioca starch, dried shrimp and jambu
  • Paraense Rice – delicious rice with this wonderful sauce
  • Duck in Tucupi – the name says it all, it’s cooked in the tucupi sauce, I didn’t get the chance to try it while I was there :/

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Some Northeastern Brazilian dishes that are adapted in the north region may have this delicacy – What is Tucupi?

  • Vatapá of Pará
  • Caruru of Pará


Tucupi comes from the TupiGuarani: tucu-pi (free traduction – spicy strained). Cassava Puba juice – rotten

Have you ever tried it? Tell me if you liked in the comments selection!

Tip! If you’re going to São Paulo, the city where I used to live, it is possible to find typical dishes of Pará at Quintal Paraense. Try it, it’s really worth it.

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