What to do at night in Praia Grande – São Paulo

Praia Grande is an amazing coastal city located near the city of São Paulo. If you are one of those people who likes to enjoy the local nightlife, this article is perfect for you! Today we are going to show you the best activities to enjoy at night in Praia Grande – Brazil!

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As is usual in our articles, we always put different options so that we can please the most different audiences, and satisfy the most diverse tastes.

So, as much as the fun activities at night are different from those during the day, we will put options for those who want to enjoy with their family and children, and for those who want to enjoy with friends, going out at dawn.

Let’s go straight to the point!!

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What are the best places to enjoy a night out in Praia Grande?

Marechal Mallet Avenue and Boqueirão Neighborhood

We simply cannot talk about a night out in Praia Grande without talking about these two locations.

That’s because Marechal Mallet Avenue and Bairro do Boqueirão (Boqueirão neighborhood) are the two most popular places in the city, both for their diverse gastronomic options and for their lively nightlife!

There will certainly be no lack of options for you who like to go out to dinner with the family, who enjoy discovering a new bar with friends, or who enjoy venturing into nightclubs until dawn.

Praia Grande

Along the 2.2 km of the Avenue, or along the Boqueirão, you will find steakhouses, seafood restaurants, pizzerias, bars, pubs, fast foods, and of course, the best clubs in town!

Regardless of your taste, in Marechal Mallet and in the Boqueirão neighborhood, you will find the right place to enjoy a night out in Praia Grande.

In order to facilitate your search for a “perfect night”, let’s cite some famous places within this aforementioned environment:

  • Restaurants / Steakhouses / Pizzerias

1. Paraíso Restaurant

2. Villa Di Pasta

3. Gaucho Grill Mallet

4. Pizza Me

  • Bars and clubs

1.Barzin da Praia

2. Barzin da Praia

3. Blue House

Our purpose with this article is to show you the main options for you to enjoy a night in Praia Grande, for all the tastes!

It is worth remembering that the options that we have mentioned are just some of the many available at Marechal Mallet and Boqueirão, of course you will see and go to the one that best suits your wishes.

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We wish you a great night of enjoyment, see you later!

Did you already know these options of places? What was your favorite one? Tell me here in the comments!

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