What to do in the state of Rio de Janeiro?

When talking about tourism in the state of Rio de Janeiro, we are often limited to knowing only the city of Rio and its most famous tourist attractions. Not for nothing, the city is really amazing.

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However, the state of Rio de Janeiro is full of incredible cities with great tourist and leisure activities, which everyone should know.

what to do in the state of Rio de Janeiro?

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Tourist cities in Rio de Janeiro


Known as the Cidade Imperial (Imperial City), it was founded by Dom Pedro II and was one of the Emperor’s favorite routes.

You can visit the Cathedral of Saint Peter of Alcantara, where the tombs of Dom Pedro II, his wife Teresa, Princess Isabel and Conde D’eu are located, besides the Crystal Palace (Palácio de Cristal) and also the Imperial Museum.

Cabo Frio

Famous for the beaches with crystal clear water and its dunes formed by white sand, not to mention the paradisiacal landscape.

It is interesting to visit Sand Dunes (Parque Municipal das Dunas) and Shells Beach (Praia das Conchas), a great family activity.

Armação dos Búzios – Rio de Janeiro

Also known as Búzios, it  is a sophisticated vacation destination with countless beaches and a great nightlife.

In addition to several beaches, it is interesting to visit Rua das Pedras (a famous street), a very pleasant and fun walk to be taken both day and night, with several options for restaurants and different types of stores. And Orla Bardot waterfront, which has a beautiful landscape.

Arraial do Cabo

With sand dunes, restinga vegetation, beaches and lakes with crystal clear water, Arraial do Cabo is a great option for tourism in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

You can go diving, take boat tours, with several itinerary options, in addition to many other things.



It is a historic city, which, despite being located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is just a few hours by car from São Paulo.

You can take a tour to discover the historic center, the House of Culture – Casa de Cultura – and the Literary Festival of Paraty (FLIP).

It was in Paraty that I ate the best éclair of my life.

Angra dos Reis

It has about 365 islands, making it the perfect place for those who enjoy nature.

One of the main  islands, Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande – Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande – Rio de Janeiro

Located in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande has several paradisiacal beaches. However, you can only access by boats, it is not possible to go there by car.

Its beaches are really enchanting, presenting diverse natural landscapes.

More about Ilha Grande: Meros Beach – Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro

It is worth remembering that only some of the tourist cities in Rio de Janeiro were mentioned. However, the state of Rio is full of interesting cities that must be known.

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