I have a brief trip just to discover what to eat at Pomerode.

Pomerode is considered the German capital in Brazil, due to being a colony of this country by the first immigrants in 1800.

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Pomerode, Santa Catarina

It is really clear the German influence at the architecture (I have never been there), found in all the region of Blumenau in Santa Catarina. 

What to eat in Pomerode – breakfast

If you’re spending the day and arrive really early or on a weekend, the tip is the boiled egg from Schroeder. 

bread with egg and sardines German style Pomerode

According to one of the owners, Sergio, this sandwich is eaten between breakfast and lunch.

And given by what I saw there, that makes sense because almost everything is open by 7 a.m.

What’s in this snack – What to eat in Pomerode

Maybe you are on a free day and probably won’t want to wake up this early to have an intermediate meal in the morning, so the German recipe of artisan bread with chopped boiled egg and sardine – the original recipe was with hering, another type of fish- is a good option for breakfast. 


The highlight – meat dumpling from Pomerode

I was talking with him and said about my project – so he offered me a artisan meat dumpling made of bread soaked with milk and fried at the frying pan, without immersing in the oil that was good. really good actually.

To me, this is the principal dish to eat at Pomerode. 

german meat dumpling
german meat dumpling

Knowing a little Pomerode

Between this sandwich and lunch, I went to the mirante da Pedra de Turco (Turkish stone lookout).

Actually it isn’t a lookout, it is a place on the top of the mountain where adventurous people hang gliding jump, but it has a beautiful landscape. 

more details of the pomerode meat dumpling

To arrive there, it is necessary to go up a small hill that isn’t asphalted , but it is easy. 

Lunch – What to eat in Pomerode

My lunch was already decided before we got out of Brusque. I ate stuffed mallard in Siedlertal, a typical German restaurant.  

Sergio, from the other restaurant, explained to me that this dish is really important to them, their grandmothers  cooked stuffed duck on Sundays, and without this dish, it was like a normal day. 

Turned Stuffed Duck for Commercialization

The adaptation is due to the size of the mallard and for the facility to trade. 

typical_german_dish_full_of_history-–-stuffed duck
typical german dish full of history – stuffed duck

The dish is really yummy, with purple cabbage, apple puree, grilled manioc, 

homemade noodles and  reduced roasted sauce. 

This brief trip was worth it. 

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