Motorcycle Inspection For a Trip – What to include

After more than a year away from the road, I finally found my faithful squire to do what I love the most: go towards a new destination. But, my experience as a digital nomad taught me that before picking up the bag, you need to check the safety items on the bike, and that inspired me to write this new post for you. So, in the following lines, we’ll talk about the inspection of the motorcycle for a trip, and I invite you to check this reading and also to make this your new practice.

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Those who follow me on Instagram must have felt through the stories I published the emotion I felt when I got my bike back. It was an indescribable feeling.

But I was aware that after so long stopped it needed a good treatment to be in ideal conditions for use on the roads, avoiding unnecessary surprises. In my case, it was necessary to do important maintenance, such as changing the oil, changing the brake fluids, overhauling the cables, changing the ratio and the front brake pad.

Of course, even with this care, I have been surprised by situations like the time the current broke in Valparaíso, when I was going up a very steep street.

This is another story, but in short it was necessary to push the motorcycle to the room of the people who helped me – as they didn’t have a garage –, so that the next day I could change the item and then head to the road. And for my luck it was just a lite problem and everything went fine!

Items that should be part of the inspection

Of course, a reliable bodyshop knows what to do in an inspection, but it’s important to make sure they’ve looked carefully at what we’re talking about next.

Cooling system – Motorcycle inspection

To prevent engine overheating. Therefore, if your motorcycle is water-cooled, it is necessary to check if the tank of this liquid is full, and the product mixed with it must only be that indicated by the manufacturer. Using other compositions can be a problem, trust me!

Oil and oil filter – Motorcycle inspection for a trip

This step is usual, but it is always worth reinforcing how important it is to include this item on the inspection of the motorcycle for a trip. Check that the oil and filter are within the mileage indicated by the manufacturer and that the first is at the desired level.

In fact, if the trip is too long, there is no guarantee that you will not have to make this exchange again.

I know a lot of people who had a breakdown on the road for not checking the oil, so it is really essential to check this item.

Tires – Motorcycle inspection

They are the ones who will hold you and your motorcycle during the trip, and they must be in perfect condition to handle the rainy days and what you will be facing.

So make sure they’re not bald, calibrate whenever necessary, and if you are taking someone with you, you may need to put more pressure on to take the extra weight.

Crown, Pinion and Chain – Motorcycle inspection

It has the function of transferring the engine’s power to the back tire. See if they are within ideal conditions, if there are no gaps or if lubrication is lacking. There are situations where it is necessary to change the entire kit during the motorcycle overhaul.

Electrical part – Motorcycle inspection

Nobody wants to be surprised by an electrical failure, right? Therefore, it is super important to check during the inspection of the motorcycle for a trip if everything is ok, to avoid getting stuck on the road. This is even more evident if your bike is one of the newest and has electronic fuel injection.

Required item on the motorcycle inspection: the brakes

Seriously guys! No traveling without checking this item. The explanation of why needs no comments, therefore, check the pad markings, the status of the discs, fluids, pedal, cables and the complete system.

In addition to everything I’ve talked about here, it’s important that your mechanic look at the motorcycle as a whole thing and that you check ifyour helmet is in good condition. To avoid unforeseen circumstances, remember to schedule the inspection in advance and entrust your motorcycle to a trusted professional.



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